EA Review Request


Dear All EA Vendors,


Thank you so much for visiting our website and taking lively interest in our services. Actually, we always accept the requests for writing a review of your EA.

If you would like to make a review request to us, please contact us from the contact form below after agreeing on and meeting the following conditions.


  • Please provide your EA's live results with REAL accounts with us, which have been published on Myfxbook, FX Blue or other similar services.
  • Please share the user manual/guide of your EA with us. We will translate it into Japanese and provide it with our customers as a purchase bonus.
  • Please kindly note that we always write honest reviews based on the results from our investigation about the EAs, so its rating and conclusion would not always comply with your wishes.



    We really look forward to you making contact casually with us!


    FXEA.JP Team,


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